Prefabricated timber frame houses

We produce timber frame panels and assemble ready-made walls, ceilings and roof on your building site in a few days.

Timber houses
Timber houses
Timber frame houses
Timber frame houses
Wooden cabins
Wooden cabins


Types of timber houses

Timber is universal material and its properties can allow us to build any type of house. This is only a matter of your wishes.

Detached houses

Private houses are most popular choice of timber buildings. Extensive advantages of timber houses stands out in competition.

Detached houses
Detached houses
Timber frame terraced houses
Timber frame terraced houses

Apartment buildings

Timber apartment buildings are a type of construction that uses wood as a primary building material. They offer several advantages over traditional concrete or steel construction, including their sustainability, energy efficiency, and structural soundness.

Prefabricated apartment building
Prefabricated apartment building

Infill panels

Timber infill panels are prefabricated wall sections that are used to fill in the gaps between structural framing members in timber-framed buildings. They are typically made of wood studs and sheathing, and they can be insulated and clad with various materials.


Bonuses of prefabricated timber houses

Prefabricated wooden houses is a universal technology that allows to achieve win-win situation in all aspects of construction works - you save time, increase quality and reduce costs.


Construction of prefabricated wooden houses is fast because you can do 2 things simultaneously - build foundations and walls. In traditional building you can start to build walls only after foundation is finished and hardened. Meanwhile we can produce walls, ceilings, roofs and erect them in few days.


Our quality system and constantly monitored process provides production of the most precise panels. Everything is done under roof and all the materials and products are clean, dry and safe. All together it allows to deliver a high quality house to you.


Well established manufacturing process allows to reduce time of production. And time is money. Manufacturing in a factory also eliminates all mistakes that can be done on building site. You will not need to correct anything because house will be exactly as it is planned to be.


Made of wood

When you build a wooden house, you get a house with excellent value. It is strong, durable, warm, beautiful and ecological. And environmentally friendly houses are better both for you and for the world.


Timber frame homes are known for their strength and durability. They can withstand heavy wind and snow loads. Wooden houses can be built to last for centuries.


Timber frame walls are highly insulated. Wooden buildings are warm in the winter and cool in the summer. This saves energy and money.


Timber frame homes have a natural, rustic aesthetic that is appealing to people. Exposed timber beams and framing can add a unique character to the home.


Timber is a renewable resource that can be grown and harvested sustainably. When used in construction, timber can help to reduce the carbon footprint


Timber frame house kit

Timber frame home kit consist of several main products and many possible additional options including delivery and assembly, as well as extra products and services.

Wall system

Main carrying external and internal walls, as well as partition and other self-supporting walls.

Floor elements

Ceilings and floor slabs for supporting all imposed loads from people and items.

Roof elements

Roof is main protection system from all weather conditions - rain, snow and wind.

Interior materials

Most of interior finishing is delivered loose and applied after internal communications are finished.

External finishing

There are several options of external cladding - starting from wood boards, cembrit and other.


Documentation is an important part of every building, it includes drawings, certificates etc.


Windows can be made of wood, plastic and metal with different thermal properties.


Balcony doors can be preinstalled in panels, other doors are usually installed on building site.


Depending on your wishes there can be added very many preferences and extras.

Prefabricated timber houses
Prefabricated timber houses


Gokstad Hus

In over 17 years we have build hundreds of houses. We have built all types of architecture. And we have mastered our skills to the highest levels.



Sintef certification TG 20436 Gokstad Hus
Sintef certification TG 20436 Gokstad Hus
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Sentralt Godkjent Gokstad Hus
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ISO 9001 quality system certification Gokstad Hus
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StartBANK Gokstad Hus


Timber house construction

Journey of building a timber frame house is an exciting adventure when you have experienced and qualified partner near you.